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17 December 1999


Ernest W. Nelson

Burgmaster was further handicapped by not being able to meet scheduled delivery dates because of the inability to stock parts and machine bases, therefore causing an inordinately long lead time for delivery. This caused machines to be shipped untested and in many cases incomplete, thus shifting the burden of finishing and testing to the field service personnel, of which I was one. Poor engineering of many of the components of the tool changer systems and the introduction of the metric system caused many headaches in the field, as was made very apparent at the Detroit Diesel plant in Indianapolis when Burgmaster received the contract to supply machines for the M1 Abrams tank transmission. The Allen-Bradley control was to handle the much greater number of feedback pulses from the metric Ferand scales, which caused a major problem getting the machines running at quoted feed rates.

Betty Ann Keith

In 1961 my husband was trained to be a tool and die maker...he entered the apprentice
program offered through Compton Community College...near the end of his training his
work had been evaluated and he received really good ratings...even offered a job with
a very prominent company....he was excited and anxious to begin his career as a tool
and die maker...that morning I left for my classes...when I returned home I read my
husband's note....he did not get the job...he was diabetic and the company's ins.
would not cover was a real disappointment...I even called the company but it
did not help....not sure how, but he found Burgmaster and he was hired, promoted
and given family health ins. I will never forget how Burgmaster changed my husband's
life...the point is, Burgmaster was a company that cared and gave dignity to workers...

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