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28 September 2004


Richard Reiman

Max Holland is the finest scholar on the history of the Warren Commission. I do not quarrel with any of his conclusions here. I just wanted to correct what I perceive as a factual error that in no way contradicts any conclusion presented here.
Governor Connally was not "sitting directly in front of the president" in terms of the arrangement of the individuals in the presidential limousine. He was sitting in a jump set that was some inches to the left of the right side of the car, unlike JFK's seating position, which was so contiguous to the right side that the president could rest his arm on the side. However, from the standpoint of Oswald's shooting location, the trajectory of the shot was downward, mainly straight, but slightly angled in relation to the car.
The shot was thus traveling downward, forward and angled right to left of the positions of Connally and Kennedy. Thus, in terms of the angle of the shot, Connally was sitting directly in front of the president-- the shot had to hit Connally after hitting JFK because both the trajectory of the shot and the position of the jump set were angled to the left each location. Strictly speaking, then, even though Connally was not sitting in a direct line in front of the president, he was sitting in the direct line of the bullet's line of fire, which is perhaps what Mr. Holland meant.

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