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29 December 2006


Pat Flynn

Gerald Ford should also be remembered as the one who,
to shore up the travesty that was the Warren Commission,
acted as a spy for J. Edgar Hoover. He reported daily to
Hoover, relating all information that was being conducted
in secret. He proved his mole mettle to Hoover, going above and beyond, by brazenly removing confidential files from the Commission offices to bring hard copy evidence to the FBI director. It goes without saying that the Commission relied on Hoover as it's investigative leader, while Hoover had decided that Oswald was the lone assassin within an hour of his arrest, well before Oswald was even questioned. Not to mention Hoover's adamant desire that the FBI's pre-assasination relationship with
Oswald be forever suppressed.
Worse than this behavior, if one can fathom it, was
Ford's assistance to commission attorney Arlen Specter, in
Specter's fashioning of the infamous "single bullet" theory that was the lynchpin of the Warren conclusion of a single assassin.
Having trouble with the logistics of a bullet that hit the President 5 inches below where it supposedly exited his throat (at a downward angle no less), Ford personally redrew the bullet's entrance several Inches up closer to the back of Kennedy's neck. This made the bullet's exit from the throats much more palatable. When questioned about it
later, Ford commented that his actions were not made to obfuscate, but to "clarify."
Ford should go down in history as a force for disinformation in the attempt to foist a massive lie on the millions of Americans who looked to their government for the truth of what happened to their beloved president.

angle no less), Ford personally redrew the official diagram to have
the bullet

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