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11 March 2007



Thankyou, this is the most sensible explanation yet that I have read and can only wonder why there has not been more mention of it in the press or television coverage. It is February and I have only now read or heard of this for the first time. Congratulations on this wonderful revelation and should put a lot of doubters doubting their 4 shot theories and the grassy knoll shot, which of course did not happen as evidenced by the brain matter and blood spatter of the fatal shot which clearly and I don't know why so many do not see it blowing out and to the right with blood spatter shooting up and forward not backwards and to the left. Yes the head makes that movement but not the clear evidence of the aforementioned, but only after going forward slightly at first and not being able to go anywhere but to the left with the body probably causing this affect or effect and the possibility of Mrs. Kennedy pulling on him.


Bob Wilson

An overwhelming number of Parkland Hospital doctors and nurses, secret service agent Clint Hill, FBI agents Siebert and O'Neill, and the mortician Tom Robison all state unequivocally that the back of JFK's head was blown out in the back right.
If you ignore that evidence, you have an agenda or lack of cognitive ability.


The back of JFK's head was not, I repeat, not blown out.
The doctors and staff at Parkland have never said this; what they all did say was a small part of the occipital lobe had been damaged and the bulk of the head wound occurred in the parietal lobe.

This means the top right side of the Presidents head was blown out. I have watched Abe Zapruder's film over and over again and is consistent with what Parkland doctors describe.

There were only three shots fired that day and all from the book depository; all shots fired were from Oswald.
There was never any shots fired from the knoll. If the fatal head wound was fired from the knoll, then JFK would only of had a small entry wound to the front right side of head and the back left side of head would have been blown out.

Anyone with any knowledge in ballistics will tell you this, there is no way anyone fired at the President from the knoll.


Secret Service Agent George Hickey accidentally hit
JFK in the head with the AR-15 when he was sitting
on the trunk/top portion of the seat; then he fell forward, accidentally discharging a round. The angle
on JFK's right side is exit- the entrance wound is too much at the center of the head. If Oswald did hit him in the head, the exit would have been at the left or so. Oswald angle does not coincide with the exit wound-that is understanding ballistics as he was clearly hit from behind!!!!


One piece of Kennedy's head clearly lands on the trunk of the car, hence Jackie climbs to pick it up. I do not believe that this part of his head would travel in that direction if being hit from behind. Still, I am unsure of many things in this shooting but the motion and outcome of Kennedy's head after the head shot would make a lot more sense if the shot came from the area of the knoll would it not?


One cannot determine the direction a bullet enters a skull by the movement of the head. The only way is to look at the skull bone and determine which surface (inner or outer) exhibits evidence of beveling. The beveling occurs opposite the plane of entrance.
In JFK's case, the wound at the rear of his head exhibited beveling on the inside plane of his skull, and the wound in the front had beveling on the outside plane. Therefore, the bullet entered from the rear and only the rear.

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I love how people like Max are so absolutely certain that you cannot tell the direction of a projectile based on the filmed direction of head movement. I love the "involuntary snap" theory invented to explain JFK's head movment defying Newton's Laws of motion in a lame attempt to explain away what we have all seen in the Zapruder film. But most of all, I love how ordinary people without special training can be so sure of their forensic interpretation of something as complicated as the assassination of President Kennedy. I guess patriotism, I mean real patriotism requires a kind of blindfolding that allows those people to obfuscate the quest for the truth by positioning themselves as experts and concocting patently counterintuitive theories to explain what most of us can clearly see with our eyes.

jimmy bruchhauser

I wasn't there, but was a thinking American at the time. All responsible news organisations posted that the president was shot in the face, not from behind. Lee Harvey Oswald, (LHO, the same anonym as the Marine Corps's "love, honor, and obey") didn't fire a single shot. He was a patsy, just a stupid scapegoat, constructed from the CIA. Read the records, which weren't obliterated, and you'll see instantly, that this person wasn't in the right place, but at "wrong" time, just right for the conspiracy. Why were the files sealed for 75 years? Why was Gerald Ford the only president who never received a vote? Warren Commission. . . get the picture?

jimmy bruchhauser

Lee Harvey Oswald didn't fire a single shot, he was in the canteen at the time and was photographed standing in the front door of the Depository directly after the shooting. He was a frontman, a designated loser, read the CIA records from his service time in Japan. Lone assassin? With police, CIA, and Secret Service agents everywhere in Dealey Plaza? It's a bad novel, constructed and propagated by the ones who steal our tax dollars. Catch me if you can was the motto.


I was an electrician's apprentice charged with changing out the traffic signals in 2004, when Dallas went from 8" light bulb to 12" LED. The one signal I never Ebay'd or sold for scrap is the one from the mast arm over Elm. By most accounts, it looks similar to the ones depicted in the pictures I see; and from what I can tell, it's a roughly 1947 model signal. I'm looking at it right now, and while I don't see any dents that appear bullet-like, I can tell you that the rectangular tin frame around the signal was installed slightly crooked, which allows more light to come through on the bottom-right corner (closest to the depository). This might explain why some thought there was bullet-damage on the light itself, as opposed to the mast arm. Had I read this a decade ago, I'd have checked that arm for ya ;^).

Bolt Upright

Bob, keep in mind that there was a 25 mph headwind, which would account for some spatter/matter moving to the back as it got above the level of the windshield. Jackie would have had to jerk JFK with considerable force to cause that action. It happened so fast that she wouldn't have had time to do that . . . it was over and done before she could react.

Bolt Upright

Jimmy, most people who saw the kill shot (either live or in the Zapruder film) most likely thought it had a hit from the front. Well, I really can't say if these "I-know-what-I-saw" witnesses were all head-wound ballistics experts or not, but I think that you might agree that in all likelihood they were not.

John Butler

1. Elsie Dorman's film was butchered and does not reflect what she filmed.
2. Elsie Dorman heard a shot from the Court Records Building rather than two stories up on the 6th floor.
3. The Zapruder film is not authentic. It is good for only showing you where the assassination took place. Between frames 132 and 133 on Houston Street and the intersection of Elm and Houston Streets. Other than that it can not be used for anything.
4. John Costello has said the film is a complete fabrication. There are so many anomalies that put the film in the fraud category and not to be trusted for anything.
5. Nearly every film and photo does not show the presidential limousine past the Court Records Building and in the intersection of Houston and Elm Streets. Those sections are deleted or are so blurred as to show nothing.
6. Out of Groden's 16 assassination films I believe only two or three show the presidential limousine in the intersection of Houston and Elm Streets. Tina Towner's film is the only film to show the motorcade in the intersection of Elm and Houston. If studied closely you will see it is a cut and paste job of filmstrips that do not match the background.
7. Many witnesses say something different from the traditional thing of three shots on Elm Street.

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