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31 March 2007



Your articles are good,and I think you want to know about what I do or write, yes or no?

Christopher Jensen

What a load of self-serving tripe. Robert Kennedy pointed directly to the members of Operation Freedom as the very perpetrators the Warren Commission were attempting to find.

This post is another example of the gentle rustle of wool being pulled down over the eyes of the nation yet again. It's an unconscious conspiracy, pushed along by people unwilling to believe that an out-of-control CIA could possibly murder its own president.

Jack Ruby was no vigilante. He was a hired gun, a liar and a Mob operative. His transperant lie concerning his motives for Obstruction of Justice are a whole lot deeper than simply "sparing Jackie Kennedy a trial." What an ugly untruth, beleived by nobody thats willing to see Mr. Ruby as anything other than a tool for others.

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