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31 March 2007


nathan hale

When Blakey discovered Joannides was a CIA agent directly involved with Cuban students opposing Castro, he accused them of illegal interference with a government-authorized, official investigation.
The trial judge said after Shaw's acquittal he believed Shaw repeatedly lied to the jury.

Christopher Jensen

Both Shaw and David Ferrie claimed not to have ever met or associated with Lee Harvey Oswald. Both were liars.

Oswald was a member of David Ferrie's Civil Air Patrol. Shaw had attempted to arrange a lawyer to represent Oswald. Dean Andrews was a liar as well.

If Shaw had not met Oswald before, as he stated under oath, then why was Oswald's name in his address book, found on his person when arrested? For no reason at all?

Jack Ruby is the man they should have been looking into. Exactly what he was doing at the offices of Western Union is suspect. He was waiting for a call by telephone, and it came . . . from the Dallas police station across the street. How do we know this? Because Ruby was in the basement only long enough to perpetrate his crime! He definitely did not enter by the ramp leading off the street. A side door, presumably by the same man at the Dallas police station who called him at Western Union to tell him exactly when Lee was being moved. It gave Ruby just enough time to be let through a side door, and down into the basement.

Ruby was the one who should have been investigated from the start. Why would you kill someone as a vigilante when they were already in custody? The Dallas police Captain Will Fritz had already committed perjury by stating that Oswald was "guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt" on national television, something he should have been charged for. As for Ruby's transparent lie concerning his motivation . . . he'd never met Jackie Kennedy, and there was no guarantee she would have been subpoenaed anyway.

Find the transaction record for this call from the police station to Western Union, find the very desk this came from, and you suddenly have a "helper" in the Dallas Police Department, guaranteeing that Oswald would never get to trial.

Further, why would you shoot someone who was already in police custody? The State of Texas was going to put Oswald to death as it was. So, shooting him whilst in custody is obstruction of justice, and Ruby should have been charged with that as well.

Find who was motivating, paying, and controlling Jack Ruby, and this case will be blown wide open. Start by looking at telephone bills for the day that were charged to Dallas police. Find the desk of origin of who, exactly, made the call to Western Union. Then you will, for the first time, have hard evidence of this conspiracy, and prove once and for all that Jack Rubenstein was a liar, a scoundrel, a Mob operative and a murderer to boot.

But, police officers made no inquiries into what Jack Ruby was doing at Western Union across the street, and where he got his inside information as to the exact moment that Oswald was being moved to the county lockup.

It could only have come from inside the building . . . only from a police officer present that was watching exactly what happened.

Try and explain that away.

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