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20 May 2007


Andrew Mason

Mr. Holland,

I have yet to read Mr. Bugliosi's new book but I have ordered it. I agree with you on the point about the shot pattern witnesses which seems to me to be a very compelling body of evidence - I am quite certain that the overwhelming convergence on the 1....2..3 shot pattern cannot be accidental or mistaken. But I disagree with your suggestion that this means the first shot was very early. There is overwhelming agreement among witnesses that the first shot was after z190 and that it struck JFK - at least that he reacted to it (by putting his hands to his neck and leaning left, not by continuing to smile and wave). This means that the second shot SBT is wrong. The only possibilities are that the first shot went through JFK and JBC or that JBC was hit by a second shot much later than the point at which most people (including the Connallys) thought he was hit.

In any event, the shot pattern puts the second shot at around z270. And that would fit with the rest of the evidence including Oswald firing all shots. Andrew Mason [email protected]

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