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11 June 2007



Ms McMillan's portrayal of Oswald is right on. I've spent more than 30 years researching and talking with those that knew him best. Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorists have derided Oswald and his abilities through sheer ignorance of who he was. My personal belief is the genesis of the assassination occurred on September 7th, 1963 when AP Reporter Daniel Harker interviewed Fidel Castro at the Brazilian Embassy in Havana. Castro went on record that date with "if the American Government continues it's attempts to eliminate Cuban Officials, they in turn will not be safe". This AP story first appeared on September 9th in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Oswald, a voracious reader was living in New Orleans at the time. Just two weeks later he was on his way to Mexico City. This case is not that complicated.

Tom Schwartz

This is the best description I've ever read of Oswald's thinking and motives for the assassination.

Peter R. Whitmey

I would encourage anyone who reads PJM's article to also read my three-part series entitled "Priscilla and Lee: Before and After the Assassination" at Clint Bradford's website:

- Peter R. Whitmey
Abbotsford, BC CANADA

Lisa Pease

"Real History Lisa," a.k.a. Lisa Pease, suggests that readers interested in Priscilla Johnson McMillan should check out the "Real History Archives" site:

Peter R. Whitmey

Has it ever occurred to Mrs. McMillan that Oswald knew full well that killing JFK would mean that Lyndon Johnson, a Texas wheeler-dealer, who was closely associated with John Connally as well as Fred Korth (Connally's replacement as Secretary of the Navy), would now be President? In fact, it was suggested on Nov. 23, 1963 that Connally might actually have been Oswald's target. In Sept. 1964, during her fourth and last W.C. interview, Marina Oswald suggested that possiblity too.
Oswald had expressed his anger towards Connally in a letter sent from Russia in regard to the reduction of his honorable discharge to less-than-honorable, as a result of his defection. By then, however, Connally had resigned to run for governor of Texas. But Oswald's hostility might also have been related to the fact that Connally suggested to JFK that Fred Korth, a Ft. Worth lawyer and banker, replace him in Washington. Ironically, and possibly significantly, Korth had represented Edward Ekdahl, Oswald's stepfather, in divorce proceedings vs. Marguerite Oswald, in 1948, when Oswald was a young boy (and who had become attached to his new father).
- Peter R. Whitmey
Abbotsford, BC

Don Roberdeau

If, as Ms. Johnson believes, the supposed "lone nut" Oswald assassinated President Kennedy for a political reason, Oswald, most surely, would have proclaimed it publicly some time(s) to his Communist comrades and the world during his last 45 hours to punctuate his adult life politics.

Oswald never proclaimed that to his comrades . . . never even came close to proclaiming that.

Try again, Ms. McMillan.

Ray Grimes

Any student of the history of the Sixties should acknowledge that the CIA was vastly out of control. As a result of the assassination and the resulting inquiry by the conspiracy theorists, the Rockefeller Commission and the Church Committee exposed to the public the operational excesses of the CIA. It should be conceded, therefore, that Oswald was in some way responsible for the exposure of the CIA's misdeeds of the Fifties and the Sixties (with or without the approval and/or knowledge of the Kennedys). I would agree that there are many "wildly-implausible scenarios, far-out, fictitious conspiracies", but if not for Oswald and the conspiracy theorists, there may have been no exposure.

Peter R. Whitmey

One thing I have noticed after many years of studying Priscilla Johnson McMillan as well as having seen numerous interviews with her, including the recent Robert Stone documentary shown in PBS in January 2008, is the fact she gives the impression that she really knew Lee Harvey Oswald. Granted, she was given exclusive access to his wife (showing how strong her Washington connections were), but her only direct contact with Lee was for several hours in the fall of 1959. Even though she gave her readers the impression that there might be further interviews with the US Marine, that wasn't to be. Even after Oswald returned to the US in June, 1962, which was publicized in a Washington, DC newspaper (as well as in the Ft. Worth paper), Miss Johnson seemed disinterested in making contact with Oswald and his Russian wife and child. She didn't even bother to keep a copy of her 1959 NANA article, or at least couldn't find it when she learned that Oswald had been arrested in Dallas on November 22, 1963. And yet she has spent the last 45 years trying to convince everyone that she really knew Lee Harvey Oswald, almost like a son, and could, in fact, apparently read his mind. But how is that possible from one five-hour interview? I would be interested in a response to this question from Mrs. McMillan.

Peter R. Whitmey

I'm still patiently waiting for a response from Mrs. McMillan in regard to my comments.

Don Roberdeau

Good Day....

Updating the link to my "Men of Courage" homepage....

Best Regards in Research, Don

Happy Friend

This site makes my head want to explode. It is called Washington Decoded which makes me think that it contains some sort secret illuminating insight. And it has an Orwell quote at the top, that when marshaled in service of anti-anti-secrecy is so Orwellian it's like a picture of a shirtless George Orwell who on his chest has a tattoo of the likeness of George Orwell, and that tatooed likeness of George Orwell has, on his bicep, a George Orwell head tattoo.

It's like that ABC special "JFK-Beyond Conspiracy" that takes the viewer on a mind-bending journey through the labyrinth of lies and the mazes of mirrors and then reveals the shocking truth of it all: It was Oswald!

Somebody needs to tell those U.N. tin-foil hatters that the evidence clearly points an unknown Lone Nut, Bhutto assassin. The fingerprints of lone-nuttery are all over that case.


Ms. McMillan claims to be a mind reader. But she needs to read more about Lee Harvey Oswald, and use some common sense. Lee was obviously a patriotic American who joined the US Marines as soon as he could on his 17th birthday. He had Top Secret clearance, which means his background and psychology were thoroughly tested. He wanted to serve his country, and be a spy like James Bond--like many men at the time. Lee went on a mission to infiltrate the Russian KGB as a "dangle"--the CIA term for someone who pretends to be a defector, but would actually be a double agent for the USA. The KGB was not fooled by his pro-Castro activities, and did not bite. A retired officer said on James Earl Jones's JFK special that "he was too obvious." Lee's mission failed, so he came back "From Russia With Love" even though he had defected. Plus he was allowed to bring a wife, and child--even though he had not lined up a job. If you know beans about immigration (or common sense), you know this is impossible, without some help from the US State Department. Lee never said anything bad about JFK, even to his wife. Lee was a spy for the USA. Lee's mission to Russia failed. He was a convenient and expendable patsy, who was silenced before he could talk.

Mark A. O'Blazney

For some further enlightening on these "misunderstandings," does not disappoint. Thanks, Tom. Thanks.


Anyone got the light? Just askin'.

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