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11 September 2007



The Company is a sick joke! Name me one great thing the Company has done? I can name 9-11, the Berlin Wall, Afghanistan, the Mig 25, MK ULTRA, Castro, Ames, Pollard, Hanson, Walker, UFOs and a thousand other screw ups! I thought the Company was cool but now I see they are true Government Employees and I would not work for them for a million dollars! What really hurts is my tax dollars pay their salary! Shalom. Sincerely,
[email protected]


Archivist/Author Richelson is to be Celebrated for his Finely Finished Review of Tim Weiner's Political Pornography. The record stands Respected and not Conjectured.

Clive A.

"There are thousands of pages of declassified documents on technical collection in the CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) database at the National Archives, in the National Reconnaissance Office reading room, and in the form of declassified articles in Studies in Intelligence and CIA histories. Weiner hardly makes any use of these sources."


Richelson should have taken a look at Weiner's bibliography.

There he would have found that CREST was mined quite nicely.

Clive A.

Addendum: My comment should also have referenced Weiner's footnotes for evidence that he used CREST to a great extent.


Re: comment on use of CREST documents. Richelson didn't write that Weiner failed to use CREST documents; he did write that Weiner didn't make any or much use of the many CREST documents concerning CIA technical collection programs. This is a distinction which Clive A. overlooks.

Charles Lathrop

Now that serious historians like Christopher Andrew and Jeffrey Richelson are starting to peel back the onion, Weiner's agenda-driven screed is being exposed for what it is. See another devastating critique at
or Google "Dujmovic Legacy of Ashes"

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