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11 April 2008


Pat Speer

Woe to those who disagree with Holland. Implicit in his argument is that real scholars, ones who study the real facts, and not those other "facts", will agree on an interpretation of history. Only in Orwell-land.

In the world in which we live and breath, intelligent people can look at the same set of facts and come to different interpretations. Neither one is necessarily wrong. In the Kennedy case some read the eyewitness accounts of the shooting, which overwhelmingly suggest the last two shots were closer together than the first one was to the second one, and come to the conclusion there was possibly a shooter beyond the shooter using Oswald's rifle. I've heard of others, however, who look at this same evidence and come to the conclusion the first shot was fired long before any of the witnesses said it was, even before the beginning of the Zapruder film, and even though a shot this early is in disagreement with the witness statements the "theory' is trying to accommodate.

I wonder if the publisher of the book promoting this theory will allow outsiders to vet this theory. And I wonder what they will say.

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