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11 November 2008


Bas Sebastian

There were actually two shooters. The last bullet is shot from the bridge area as you can see an small upward spray of blood. Same effect happens when you throw a rock into water and there is some water splashing in throw direction. If the bullet would have exited from that point, and it was shot from the building, the spatter would have been a lot bigger also the angle would have been downwards. Also, the impact force would have caused him to lose a big part of his head at the exit direction; in the film it looked untouched

Lieutant Seb

Marcus Turnbull

Here is a spin I bet nobody possibly thought of. What if the mysterious shot from the back, and to the left, that hit the head, was fired from the white Ford Falcon 4-door back seat, as it turned onto main street, from the head of the parade, to the front of the police department on main street. A person in the back seat could have easily fired a scoped hunting rifle, resting on the passenger side back open window of the police sedan. Easy 100-foot shot to JFK's head. At the same time the French guy fired his notorious exploding round from behind the wood picket fence. Then drive to the head of the parade and lead the JFK limo to Parkland Hospital. That was the umbrella guys signal was for, I'd guess. Use common sense. No parents hide behind their children. They are shielding their kids from the "shooter." At least one of them. I wonder if Oswald would have stayed home, if Nixon would have directed the parade past his home? He must have been a really mean sore presidential race looser. Tricky Dick threw his buddy Jack Ruby under the bus. Wow!

Thomas Kristensson

When JFK is about to disappear behind the road sign--frame z207 and forward--it looks like he vanishes too quickly. There was some fuzz around frames z208-211 . . . that they were destroyed in some way. Is it possible that JFK was hit at z207 and someone had to erase signs of him being hit so that the single bullet theory wouldn't be compromised because Connally was hit later? Or have the frames 208-211 been examined?

I just think that the film sequence does not look normal when JFK is about to go behind the road sign.

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