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10 August 2011


Grady Vee

Merle, terrific article. I fondly remember our times in Saigon. Grady Vee.

Don Bowman

Ms. Fonda can certainly ask for and may receive forgiveness. However, there is a difference between being forgiven and not being punished for your acts. As a reasonable person, she should have known the consequences of her acts. Her acts were not limited to having a picture or two being chummy with the NVA. It has been reported that she turned over to the NVA a message palmed to her by one of our men. The result was severe treatment of that prisoner. That is one overt act that was clearly hostile to the interest of the United States and to an American Prisoner. The act was not innocent. It was deliberate. It is enough to merit the opprobrium that follows her today. Forgiveness is not being prosecuted. Opprobrium is her punishment.


I recently visited Saigon. We won. No thanks to Jane Fonda or the misguided foreign policy wonks. The only remnant of communism is their flag. Everything else is American. Their language, currency, music, clothing: American. Most of all their economic system spawns hope for Saigon's future.

dave Burns

Forgiveness? Not in this life time!

Gerald Dephillip

Believe what you want. Jane Fonda will always be an enemy in the the eyes of Vietnam veterans. 3/22, 25th Inf. 68-69

Peter Brush

I am a Vietnam veteran. I don't feel Jane owes anyone an apology. I'm not the only Vietnam vet who has better things to do than keep this non-issue alive. You don't speak for all Vietnam veterans, or for all Americans. Jane has expressed regret for her actions. It's time to let it go. The war is over; it's time to put away the guns. We all did things when we were young that we wish we had not done.

john lashley

She should have had her passport pulled and lived outside the United States for the past 40 years. She is a disgrace and a traitor.

Eddie Becker

Though you may be correct to believe that perhaps the Vietnamese beat the United States militarily, and somehow the actress/activist Jane Fonda contributed in some way to the US defeat, the truth of the matter is that the people of the United States did not have the stomach to carry the slaughter through to the end. And though some may see that as weakness, I see in it hope that the American people can correct a very misguided and disastrous policy.

S.D. Finlayson

Traitor Jane's actions must be remembered in context. As was widely reported, she personally and deliberately betrayed and caused at least one sick and weakened American GI to be badly beaten. That was and is unforgivable with or without an apology--especially after all these years she's had to reconsider--period. She should rot in a hell equal to where those men were confined.

Mike Beuster

Bill Clinton went to a Moscow Peace Conference in January 1970 then went on a 40-day train trip behind the Iron Curtain and stayed with the founders of the Czech Communist Party.

The next logical question, then, is whether President Clinton had contacts with Russian intelligence?

Bill Clinton is more than likely a KGB Willing Accomplice based on Kent Clizbe's relatively simple, 3-question process to screen for CI indicators.

Kent Clizbe


You're in the right station, but on the wrong track.

Like most collectors of foreign intelligence, you're overlooking the espionage operation that's staring you right in the face: covert influence!

The North Vietnamese intel services learned very well from their KGB trainers. Covert influence, designed to destroy their enemy from within, is much more powerful than stealing secrets.

They targeted the media, education/academia, and Hollywood. In Jane Fonda, they got a two-fer--a Hollywood insider with wide media exposure.

Co-opting one willing accomplice like Jane Fonda, and guiding her through her paces, destroyed more of America's will to fight than any hundred battles in the field did.

The Time correspondent who was the last "journalist" filing dispatches from Time's office in Saigon, Pham Xuan An, was a covert influence operator as well. His guiding hand wrote many stories designed to destroy our will to fight.

The KGB were masters at this covert action. For full details on their operations, and their successes, see my book: Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert influence Agents Created Political Correctness, Obama's Hate-America-First Platform, and Destroyed America.

Kent Clizbe
[email protected]


My friend who is dead now and cannot verify this--who served in Vietnam as a Navy Seal--specifically told me that after they took over a North Vietnamese encampment, they were enraged to find crates from the Jane Fonda Foundation filled with supplies . . . aiding and abetting the enemy

Eddie Becker

I thought the United States was supposed to win the "hearts and minds" of the Vietnamese, and what you are telling me is the exact reverse? The VietCong and North Vietnamese won the hearts and minds of the Americans. Wow!!! If you learn how to do that, then maybe you could win more wars--or know enough not to even try.

Marc Schneider

I really think this article is outrageous. The US did not lose because Jane Fonda sat on an artillery piece. Yes, she was naïve and probably stupid but let it go. This nonsense that we would have won if not for the commie traitors is stupid. We had no business being in Viet Nam.

All you have to do to evaluate this article is note the comments from the right-wing idiots that inhabit the internet and slander people who dare question any US war.

Whatever Jane Fonda did, let it go. The war is over and we lost. And, no, I don't hate America.

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