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11 May 2012



Mel Ayton, whoever you are, you must work for the Company. As Judy Wood has said of the 911 destruction of the WTC: "Do you think the perps forgot to prepare and carry out a coverup?"

Th American people are held hostage to a vicious military/intelligence cabal, from which they may never be extricated short of a bloody rebellion. Very sad.


"Lane also uses wild accusations to silence his critics by denouncing them as “old CIA hand(s),” “CIA assets,” “CIA media assets,” a “voice for the CIA,” “close to the CIA,” or they work “on behalf of the CIA.” He also uses innuendo to accuse anti-conspiracy writers of working for the Agency in some undefined but nonetheless sinister fashion. These phrases will no doubt incite some of his less-than-rational readers. It is essentially McCarthyite in nature."

After reading the above portion of the article, the reader named "Orson" falls in lockstep with Lane and then posts:

"Mel Ayton, whoever you are, you must work for the Company."

Very sad.

Mitch Severson

I cannot believe this website finds it appropriate to attach a mug shot of Mr. Lane to an article naming him as a "shyster." His arrest was due to his activities as a "Freedom Rider" not to criminal activity. Not only do you discredit yourselves with this childish smear, you diminish the Civil Rights Movement as well. Bravo.

This review seemed to be about Mr. Lane not his book. If you want to know how to write a review of a book on the Kennedy assassination, check out Jim DiEugenio's "Citizen's for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination" website. I'll spoil it for you: actually read and review the book AND do some research.

Ben Holmes

The only thing you really need to know about the JFK case is that Warren Commission believers such as Mel Ayton always end up running away from any serious debate.

Indeed, most of them hang out in a "censored" forum, where when they blatantly lie about the evidence and it cannot be pointed out.

For nearly 50 years Mark Lane's opus, Rush to Judgment, has stood the test of time. And despite a tremendous amount of new evidence that's been revealed it's still unrefuted.

Mel Ayton has truly talked for 5 minutes . . . it would indeed take an hour to correct his spin here.


Ok. I am not wasting the time to read this ENTIRE mess of propaganda. Look what he does here:

"Lane’s omission of important facts about the two government investigations into the assassination also leaves his readers with an unenlightened understanding of the inquiries. He tells his readers that the HSCA “concluded that probably a conspiracy was responsible for the murder [of JFK].” What he does not inform his readers about is how the committee toiled for three years to uncover a conspiracy and failed."

The committee FAILED because the witnesses kept getting killed prior to being able to testify! Tell the WHOLE TRUTH guy!

Mark A. O'Blazney

RIP, Mr. Lane. Some sip the Kool-Aid, others swallow. May God have mercy on you and us all.+

Mark A.O'Blazney

I wonder if Mark was a Trotskyite? I just LOVE Leon Trotsky, don't you???

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