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28 February 2013


david frolio

i just finished reading Leak, and was compelled to write a note in praise of the book. It reflects a massive amount of research, and apparently total knowledge and assimilation of everything that has ever been written or said about the topic. I am very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the research, not to mention your ability to weave all of the facts and sources into a fascinating story-even though I knew the conclusion before I began reading.

Marc Schneider

This is consistent with the self-aggrandizing myth that RFK and his followers managed to transmit to history. It's amazing to me how RFK's apologists have managed to make him look like a saint sent to recuse humanity when, in fact, he was a fairly ruthless political operator who had little scruples about interfering in other countries or doing anything else that he thought would advance his brother's agenda. For years, RFK himself and his followers perpetuated the myth that he, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, was the voice for moderation in dealing with Khrushchev. In fact, according to Sheldon Stern's recent book, THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS IN AMERICAN MEMORY-MYTHS AND REALITY, RFK was one of the leading hawks pushing for military action while it was JFK who decided on the less confrontational course of a quarantine. Somehow, RFK managed to transform his image after the assassination by ostensibly moving to the left, traveling through Appalachia, and attacking LBJ's policy on Viet Nam, conveniently ignoring the fact that RFK himself had some hand in the growing American involvement.

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