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11 September 2013


Anthony Marsh

FYI, McClelland did not draw that wound on the back of the head. That was drawn by a conspiracy believer to push HIS
theory of a shot from the front. That wound as an exit from a grassy knoll shot is physically impossible.

Max Holland, Editor

In endnote 3 and the associated text, the article specifies that the drawing was not done by Dr. McClelland, but composed on the basis of his testimony to the Warren Commission. It was first published in Josiah Thompson's 1967 book SIX SECONDS IN DALLAS, which did attempt to make a case for a shot from the front.

Richard Charnin

All Parkland doctors said JFK was shot from the front. Entrance wound to neck and right temple.

Richard Charnin

The Legacy of Prior Investigations Into the Medical Aspects of JFK'S Death:
Overlooked Leads, Misunderstandings, Misrepresentations,and Document Suppression
by Gary L. Aguilar, M.D. and Kathy Cunningham

JAMA Distortions: Playing Fast and Loos with the Medical Evidence
by Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Press Kit Handout

Richard Charnin

To believe that Oswald killed JFK, you must believe that…

Richard Charnin
Sept.15, 2013
Updated: Sept.16, 2013

To believe that Oswald killed JFK, you must also believe that…

1- Two witnesses who saw Oswald carrying a bag on the morning of the assassination, and who were insistent that the bag was too small to have contained a rifle, must have been mistaken.

2- Julia Ann Murcer, who saw a man with a gun going up the grassy knoll one hour before the assassination with Jack Ruby waiting in a parked truck, but was not called by the Warren Commission as a witness, must have been mistaken.

3- The 51 eye–witnesses who claimed to have heard gunshots from the direction of the grassy knoll, or who claimed to have seen smoke or smelled gunpowder from that direction, must have been mistaken.

4- The 15 doctors in Dallas who claimed that President Kennedy’s throat wound was one of entrance, not exit, must have been mistaken.

5- The many medical and other witnesses who claimed to have seen a large wound located toward the back of Kennedy’s head, must have been mistaken.

6- The pathologists at the autopsy, who were insistent that there was an entry wound on President Kennedy’s skull that was lower than the large exit wound, and who were equally insistent that there was no entry wound high on the back of the skull, must have been mistaken.

7- The witnesses who claimed to have seen a bullet hole lower in Kennedy’s back than was consistent with the single–bullet theory, must have been mistaken.

8- Dr Charles Carrico, who saw Kennedy’s throat wound before the president’s shirt and tie were removed, and who claimed that the wound was located above the shirt, must have been mistaken.

9- John Connally, who was sitting directly in front of Kennedy, and who maintained under oath and repeatedly in later interviews that he and Kennedy were injured by separate bullets, must have been mistaken.

10- Nellie Connally, who was sitting to her husband’s left, and who also claimed that he and the president were injured by separate bullets, must have been mistaken.

11- The police motorcyclist who was riding to the president’s right and claimed that Kennedy and Connally were injured by separate bullets, must have been mistaken.

more at the link

25- In 1964-1978, it was just a coincidence (defying 30 trillion trillion to one odds) that at least 25 of approximately 800 witnesses who were sought to testify in four JFK investigations would be murdered.

S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

These JFK images have been massively altered, any re-examination by a new team of medical experts will be as worthless as the earlier examinations. You can not examine altered photographs and reach an accurate conclusion on the location of wounds.
If there is a new examination, it should be done by a combination of "computer graphics" experts and "photography" experts, detailing each and every alteration to these images . . . exposing the fraud for what it is. If you want to see some of the alterations, go to this link.

Richard Charnin

This article blows the pattern of medical evidence subterfuge in FIVE investigations wide open.

Richard Charnin

The "Badge Man" photo of a shooter at the Grassy Knoll has been proven authentic. But it has NEVER been discussed, much less shown in the corporate media. It is the famous Mary Moorman photograph of the assassination.

From "Crossfire" by Jim Marrs on pg 81: "In 1982, Texas researchers Gary Mack, now curator of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, and Jack White, who died in 2012, began to study the photo in light of Gordon Arnold's experience (Arnold was an eyewitness) .....

In the 1980s Mack and White tried unsuccessfully to interest major news organizations in financing a scientific analysis of the "badge man" photo. Finally, a national tabloid agreed to have the blowup studied. White and a representative from the newsmagazine flew to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where the photo was subjected to sophisticated computer enhancement. They were told that, without question, the photo showed a man firing a rifle".

Richard Charnin

Michel Jacques Gagné

Saundra Kay Spencer, who worked at the White House laboratory at the Naval Photographic Center in Anacostia, told the ARRB in her deposition that she developed "serene" pictures of Kennedy's corpse during the weekend of the assassination that were unlike the bloody transparency photographs taken by the Bethesda photographer that appeared in later publications (namely the picture identified here as "Figure 2").

While conspiracists like David Mantik and Gary Aguilar find this suspicious, the simplest explanation is that Spencer developed a roll of photographs taken during or after the embalming process that did not get included with the autopsy evidence—or was stolen, as the HSCA surmised, by Bobby Kennedy or one of his aides in 1964 during the transfer of the autopsy materials to the National Archives. However, these photographs probably did not include "Figure 2" because, as she testified, they were produced with a different camera and film than those used by John Stringer. Here is an excerpt of her testimony:

"A [Spencer]: We were requested to develop [eight to twelve] 4" by 5" color negatives and make prints of an autopsy that was—we were told it was shot at Bethesda after the president's body was brought back from Dallas. […] It was a color negative C-22 process […] the inter-negative cannot be processed C-22. [PERSONAL NOTE: This means that they were not inter-negatives of color transparencies, the medium in which John Stringer took the "official" autopsy photographs--MJG].
Q [J. Gunn]: Did you ever see any other photographic material related to the autopsy in addition to what you have already described?
A: Just, you know, when they came out with some books and stuff later that showed autopsy pictures and stuff, and I assumed that they were done in—you know, down in Dallas or something, because they were not the ones that I had worked on."

In other words, while Canal is probably right to claim that there were post-reconstruction photos taken of Kennedy's head following the autopsy, "Figure 2" is probably not one of them. John Stringer's testimony makes it clear that "Figure 2" was taken during the autopsy.

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