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11 June 2014



Great article!


Thanks! Great article!

Andrew Watts

Why do we only hear about the Washington Post's coverage of how the Watergate break-in went down? They broke the story but never did know the motive. I don't believe I've ever read of a motive other than the one proposed by G. Gordon Liddy [see Ida Maxie Wells vs. G. Gordon Liddy]. When you read the court documents, it becomes clear that this was not only to learn what the Democrats were up to but to also recover any photographs and/or documents pertaining to the White House lawyer.

Andrew Watts

Friday, January 26: 
Twenty-eight years ago this very day, G. Gordon Liddy sat in the defendant's chair in a federal courthouse in Washington, DC on trial for masterminding the Watergate break-in at the headquarters of the Democrat National Committee.

Liddy never testified, refusing to take the stand. He would not cooperate with the prosecutors' efforts to imprison him and his colleagues. Thus the prosecutors were never able to charge anyone with ordering the break-in. They could never gather enough evidence to prove who ordered the break-in and why.

The prosecutors back in 1972-73 believed John Mitchell, Nixon's attorney general, had ordered the break-in, but their only evidence was the testimony of John Wesley Dean, the White House counsel. And archived records of the prosecutors' notes show they knew they could not trust John Dean as a sole source.

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