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10 September 2014


Mel Ayton

An excellent review!

Kenneth Cleveland

I am writing this in response to your blog post on September 10th.
I have always been somewhat of a conspiracy nut, so I found this topic extremely intriguing. I believe that most Americans view JFK’s assassination as an anomaly, but it is this very event that adds mystique to a man simply referenced the majority of the time by initials alone. It is true, when discussing his presidency, the little he was able to do is enhanced by arguably the most controversial assassination in world history. I must confess that I am one who has never believed the story that has been force-fed to us since 1963. There are too many loose threads hanging for the public to pull on for it to be as cut and dry as the government has advertised.
In my opinion, the cover up was on from the start, but there is no seamstress alive talented enough to close all the holes in the assassination story. This is obvious in the fact that even after all of these years, there are still conversations had and books written about this horrific event. This along with 9/11 are the greatest tragedies to touch American soil, so the fascination with an untrue story is understandable.

I’d like to approach this topic with two historical concepts in mind: agency and causation. These are important to any historical study as they help narrow down the narrative of the event. In this case, that has proved to be as you said, redundant. What’s important to remember here though is no single perspective sits alone as a way to engage the past (World History: 1945 to Present, Lecture Material).
Agency involves the people who are capable of making things happen within the construct of the event being studied. Within this concept, there is a human aspect and a structural aspect.
Where Sabato and any other author who attempts to tackle this subject will always falter is accurately identifying anyone who had a hand in the assassination. That is, who was able to make decisions and call shots regarding the assassination and everything that happened afterwards. As the concept of agency goes, that’s really the meat and potatoes of the conspiracy.
Even as an amateur conspiracy theorist, I can come up with a plethora of questions. Was Oswald acting alone? If not, then who was he working with? Was it the Russians? Was it the Mob? Did our own government participate in the assassination of a beloved president?
That last question actually leads us to the next concept, causation. Causation points to who or what served as the causer of the particular event. What stringing events or points of emphasis answers the why portion of the historical investigation? Again, no fault of his own, Sabato falls short with this concept as well. There are so many questions that one does not even know where to begin. Were Kennedy’s political choices the reason for his untimely demise? Was it Johnson’s political ambition strong that he’d kill his commander-in-chief? Or was it Robert Kennedy’s relentless pursuit of organized crime the cause of his murder?
At this point, it is impossible to determine what really happen until someone with real answers decides to speak up. Until then, any book written about this subject will sound like every other book and theory already stated. We know all about the grassy knoll phantom shooter and the failure of the Warren Commission. In essence, it is a whodunit. Unfortunately, it will never be as easy as Colonel Mustard in the library with the revolver.

Mike Tousignant

Hey M.Holland you are trying to proove that LH Oswald shot JFK. Nobody in the conspiration [sic] comunity [sic] are arguing. The fatal shot that we say and it can be see clearely [sic] without any HD process that the bullet came from the right front side of the limo and the ultimate proof is that parts of JFK skull were recuperate [sic] by Jackie on the trunk of the car (limo) and was carried in Jackie's hand in the hospital. So this proove [sic] out of any dought [sic] that the fatal shot came from the Grassy Knoll fence. If any shot were to be comming [sic] from the back,the skull parts and brain would have been spread at the front of the car witch [sic] never been found. Further more, we see clarely [sic] that JFK head when hit
goes from right to back left and we see brain parts covering right side of JFK face. As of that first lost bullet your theory of tracic [sic] light is very far fetch and kind of ridicul [sic] the lost bullet was recuperate from a piece of concrete from the street divider that was aligned with the path of limo at this exact time. This show that Oswald missed his first attempt the bullet went just over to the upper left of limo. For your instruction the name of the shooter is Traficante a well knowed [sic] mafia hit man who died in prison few years after and was bragging to his fellow prisonners [sic] about his exploit. The Warren commission had dismissed all witnesses who claimed being witnessing hearing or viewing
anything comming [sic] from the Grassy Knoll the commission even dismised [sic] the testimony of governer [sic] J.Connally who had a front row seat of the scene and he always said that the only direction of deadly shot came from the right front. Jackie Kenedy's [sic] testimony was also dismised [sic].
why ?? Now if you can contredict [sic] the fact that JFK'S skull part were recuperate [sic] on the limo's trunk then the conspiring theory stands 100% and you will have to got back and do it all again.

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