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11 March 2015


J A OBrien

My brother knew Shaw. Shaw was involved..... A lot of folks were concerned about that. Period.....End,

Antoni J. Wrega

Extremely interesting. Thanks, Mr. Roy, for your review of Mr. Carpenter's book.

Henry van Engelen

Clay Shaw was an agent for Permindex, an organisation riddled with crimes and money laundering. Members of the Montreal-based corporation included mobsters and former Nazi's [sic]. Its director, Louis Bloomfield, was connected with the Mossad and the Israeli government. In 1962, Permindex financed a killer team to assassinate French President de Gaulle. The reward for the hit was allegedly furnished through Division Five of the FBI under the supervision of Guy Bannister, the former FBI employee who recruited Oswald to behave like a pro-Castro activist from his office in New Orleans. The Israelis did not like Kennedy because he was not in favor of Israel to develop the atomic bomb. In other words, the CIA was not the sole intelligence agency who organised the Big Event. Permindex was ousted by de Gaulle when he had discovered the assassination plan that failed to go ahead. Clay Shaw's friendship with Dave Ferry [sic] and Oswald showed that they all knew about the dirty plan, which was also connected with him living in the same town and attending the same bizar [sic] parties. The truth about Permindex had been published by a left-wing newspaper in Italy during the Garrison investigation. Jim Garrison focused too much on Clay Shaw as a conspirator. instead of the intelligence about the Permindex link with the Mossad and the CIA. There were many sharpshooters recruited for the hit, supplied by mobster Sam Giancana and by the CIA. They were placed in three different buildings, and on the Grassy Knoll. Three gangsters from Corsica were recruited by Permindex. One of them, Lucien Sarti, fired the final shot that killed JFK, according to most observers. Lyndon Johnson's hitman, Mike Wallace, fired from the Texas Book Building where Oswald was working but not shooting any bullets. Wallace murdered many opponents of LBJ, even his own sister Josepha, who was in a relationship her brother did not approve of.
Every single detail of the conspiracy can be traced on the internet, published in books and testimonies like "Double Cross". Oswald girlfriend in New Orleans, Judith Baker [sic], once founded the Oswald Museum in Haarlem, Holland in 2004 financed by Wim Dankbaar, publisher of the JFK Murder Solved website, and a computer expert by profession. She attends the annual conferences on the assassination with all the other truthseekers.

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