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13 October 2015


John Haynes

Reviewer knows the literature and the sources: persuasive review.

Brian Latell

Congratulations Professor Barrett.

A finely-tuned, excellent review.

Gary Weglarz

How sanitized and reassuring a review. If only it were also believable. However, given the wealth of information from many dozens of sources outside of Talbot for much of the history in question, it alas is not. Using sanitized establishment histories as sources to justify critique would be laughable were it not so disingenuous and pathetic an exercise.

Peter Phillips

David McLean

Your reviewer simply ignores the Lumumba killing; the deGaulle affair; Wisner and the notorious Office of Policy Coordination; the Gehlen organization; and generally, the psychopatholgoy of the CIA under Dulles--all well covered in David Talbot's groundbreaking book. While links between narrative and sources lack academic rigor, Barrett ignores Talbot's deep dive into the Dulles archives. He is, after all, defending his own work covering the period. Why, for example, does Barrett mention Thomas Dewey but overlook that Earl Warren was Dewey's VP running mate in 1948? Does Dulles have no case to answer for November 22, 1963? One would have thought the gross inadequacies of the Warren Commission demand better explanation than hitherto and that might well begin with Allen Welsh Dulles.

Steve M. Galbraith

Setting aside his account of Dulles and the CIA during that period, does Mr. Talbot think that JFK--anti-communist to his core--was some sort of outsider to all of this? If there was a "deep state," a super national-security state underground secretly running the country at that time, would JFK have really been opposed to it?

Perhaps JFK was going to "end" the Cold War (I suspect the Soviets had a say in that) or "end" US involvement in Vietnam or "end" the influence of the military-industrial complex. But there is no evidence from his advisers, including RFK, that he planned such actions.

Talbot, like most left-wingers, have created this mythic JFK, an anti-anti-communist Camelot figure that, in my view, simply did not exist. As he planned to tell the audience in Dallas before Lee Oswald killed him, the United States was the "watchmen on the walls of world freedom," a freedom threatened by communism.

Dulles and the others would have agreed.


It doesn't matter how you vote!

The secret government doesn't change, just because a bunch of morons vote!
You cannot run a Banana Republic like that! Since 1947, when the 33rd President of the USA and a 33rd Degree Shriner Freemason, Harry S. Truman, signed into law the National Security Act and created the CIA, the Secret Government has run America!
There was a hiccup in 1960!
Nixon was supposed to have won, but JFK wiped his eye and then warned the American people about Secret Societies.
They had him assassinated!
Three 33rd Degree Shriner Freemasons were very busy on November 1963!
Edgar Hoover - Abraham Zapruder - Earl Warren. Think about it!

All Presidential Elections in America, are Punch & Judy shows.

They are there to dupe the masses into thinking they have a say in their country - They don't! You don't count--black or white!

The Roman elite used bread & circuses to keep the masses duped!

Peter M. Olsen

Allen Dulles was fired by JFK in November 1961 and the next day JFK realized his terrible mistake and awarded Dulles a medal. In doing so, JFK signed his own death warrant! From that November day until November 22, 1963, Dulles was not a member of government, but remained the "gray eminence" of the CIA. Oh, I know, you are saying I am just another dummy! Fine I might be? I just don't buy or accept all the bunk that has been written about the murder of my president. Other wackos contend that Oswald shot the president. When he qualified with the M1 in the Marine Corps, he scored more "Maggie drawers" than hits. That Italian rifle he used couldn't of hit the side of a barn at 100 to 200 feet. For you experts who seem to know everything, I want you to take a melon, mount it on a pole and place it about 100 to 200 feet away, then take your 30-06 and fire a normal bullet. Take a look at the evidence. The bullet enters the melon on your side of firing and on the other side, the melon is blown apart. Funny, if Oswald had shot the president, then the president's face would have been shot out. I have never seen any photos showing the presdent's face being damaged. Why did Jackie in her state of "shell shock" reach over her dead husband and gather up his brain matter from the trunk of the limo? Everything written and reported about the murder of my president has been cloudy if not true. I may not be in the same IQ group even though I did pretty good on the German MENSA test, even as an American! I say that Allen Dulles murdered President John F. Kennedy!


This reviewer of David Talbot's book shows he knows nothing about the assassination. One example of this is that he is skeptical of the Dulles-Nixon connection. This shows that the reviewer does not know that Talbot's source of this info is the book The Secret War Against Jews, which used secret documents.

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