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11 June 2016


Mark O'Blazney

Nicely done. Chapeau.

Robert McMaster

Fair Play for Cuba committees sprouted up across the United States and Canada. Mostly liberals, many prominent. Very reasonable and to be expected demands. The Socialist Workers Party lent some organizational expertise. There was no heavy centralized control of the chapters but everyone was well aware of the danger of infiltration both from the FBI and whackos.

So, exactly how did Oswald obtain the authority to head up the New Orleans group? What record of communication was there between him and other Fair Play chapters? What other events in the areas were sponsored? Was the literature distributed consistent in content and tone with that otherwise authorized for the committees? Were there visiting speakers or leaders from other regions that visited? Who were the other members of the New Orleans chapter? Minutes, letters, memoranda. Who were the other officers before, during, and after Oswald?

Geoff Donnolley

A very informative article. It is surprising that the FBI, with all their resources even in those times, failed to identify "the third man." Given that Mr. Steele was recruited at the unemployment office it would have seemed logical that other recruitment-office attendees on that date would have been investigated if the office kept a record. An intriguing mystery that will almost certainly will never be solved but thanks for shedding some light.

JB Whitley

I believe there is a N. White St. in New Orleans? Check it out.

John Brennan

Robert McMaster,

There actually was no New Orleans chapter of the FPCC. Oswald contacted the organization's NY office (I believe while still in Dallas), and in what must have been a suspiciously enthusiastic manner, asked to be allowed to open a chapter there. The organization replied in a friendly manner, but suggested that Dallas was probably not a good place for the group to engage in profile-raising activities. LHO did not take the hint and once in New Orleans did start up what he claimed was a branch of the group, which was not happy to hear he'd done this. The NY office told him to stop his activities, which obviously he didn't.

There never really was a New Orleans chapter of the FPCC. It was all Oswald.

Bill Banks

Pizzo 453-B would appear to suggest that the tall unknown has given leaflets to the Trade Mart duo. Could they have retrospectively confused him as Oswald? Note that Pizzo missed Steel entirely. Were job seekers at the unemployment office encouraged to wear white shirt and tie?

That last, perhaps, could be found in contemporary pictures taken at job agency. Would it be useful to run "N. White"—and variations due to dyslexia—with public records of the employment agency? Trade Mart location of the leafletting guaranteed news coverage, which Oswald probably regarded as boosting his Progressive credentials with Cuban travel in mind.

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