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11 November 2016


Edward Bauer

Anyone with competitive rifle marksmanship experience (mine began in 1966) knows Oswald used the first shot for the indispensable requirement of zeroing (sighting-in) his reassembled rifle, aiming at the south curb of Main Street and causing the “fresh bullet mark” seen by Deputies Walthers and Sweatt. It “missed” because it wasn’t aimed at the limo in the first place.

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Bill Banks

Decades ago, I spent a pleasant day chatting with the late John Cahill. Had he been able to advise you on the final paper, my feeling is that he would have urged you to publish the velocity of your test ammunition.

On another matter, I happened across Guinn's test on NAA. Way, way over my head. Worth mentioning,however, is that he used exclusively pistol and .22 ammunition in his comparison, save the exotically powerful .30 Nosler. Could the origin of the bullets be relevent? I ask because Lapua is Finnish and very superior quality. Curious that there no examples of other Winchester Western rifle bullets, nor milspec (military specification) rifle bullets at all.

Bill Banks

My last lends itself to an excessively conspiratorial interpretation. "Curious," indeed, but my guess is not instructions from The Conspirators, but a quick and simple _cheap_ study. NAA is used in bullet matching, meaning predominantly used for criminalistics; thus, bullets already analyzed would be overwhelmingly pistol bullets. My inexpert opinion is that this should be redone with milspec rifle bullets made by Western in proper era.

Gabriel Read

Nice article.

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