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11 March 2017


henry van engelen

In my own investigation into the conspiracy to kill John and Robert Kennedy, and destroy the good standing of Senator Edward Kennedy during the curious and highly suspect accident at Martha's Vineyard, I have matched Clay Shaw with Permindex of Montreal, Canada, directed by yet another gay personality and friend of FBI Director Edgar J.Hoover, who organised the cover-up in the tragedy, Louis Bloomfield. Permindex was associated with the International Trade Mart of Clay Shaw in New Orleans and involved in the well-publicized assassination attempt on French President Charles de Gaulle. Oswald knew David Ferrie as you can find out from his girlfriend at the time Judith Vary-Baker. Both men were involved with a secretive cancer virus research project in New Orleans, sponsored by Dr. Alton Ochsner, and controlled by the CIA to kill Fidel Castro. Oswald was an errand boy at this project and on the payroll of the FBI under Guy Bannister when he was handing out pamphlets in support of Castro, not realizing that he was used as a scapegoat posing as a communist, another false flag strategy of CIA and FBI.
Oswald was also assigned to infiltrate the anti-Castro brigades in Florida, and when he learned about the plot in Dallas, he informed the FBI but to no avail.
The mafia in New Orleans was also involved in the plot, as Chicago mobster Sam Giancana's testimony revealed in 1992 (Double Cross) At that time in history, the Agency and the Mafia were partners in crime and ambush.
Sharpshooters were placed in several buildings and on the Grassy Knoll behind the fence. Frank Sturgis and the Cubans traveled from Miami to Dallas with a truckload of weapons. He was with the CIA but he had been doing business with Castro as well. He recruited Marita Lorenz to join in after her romance with Castro in Havana, that ended with a forced abortion.
I think Giancana's testimony together with Marita's Life Story are much more plausible than Jim Garrison's book. I also have great admiration for Judith Baker and all of her friends, that never stop investigating the Crime of the Century. You can read the first part of my transcript under my name and on the internet.

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