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15 October 2017


Bill Banks

Hmm, PhD Columbia and CIA historian..

Let me get straight to remarks from SPYING THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY: AMERICAN ESPIONAGE AGAINST THE SOVIET UNION (Louis Alvarez and David Mark) [sic]: Angleton's informants immediately after the war included a stellar cast of the Italian political scene, "(perhaps most surprisingly) Palmiro Togliatti and two or three of his [Communist] party associates." [242] Chapter six as whole goes on to credit him with doing a superior job in Italy after the war's end without hysterical anti-Communism. And opposed to the return of reaction on the contemporary Italian political al scene.

Now this may not qualify him as "a miracle worker," but looks pretty impressive to that point.

Max Holland

Morley's response to the review:


Robarge's rejoinder to Morley's response:

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