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11 December 2018


Darwin Payne

Your last paragraph, Max, summarizes the growing interest I was feeling as I read your review of Fred Litwin's book. I kept waiting to learn the factors that caused him to give up his conspiratorial beliefs. Maybe he was reluctant to make himself appear as foolish as so many of those others have looked. Nevertheless, it's always nice to read such confessions.

Jeffrey Fideler

After Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History" and the research Max Holland did re: "the missing bullet," there is nothing left to say.

Another book that purports to settle the issue is a waste of anyone's time and money.

Rick Reiman

Having just finished Litwin's book, I read between the lines of it that the purveyors of the conspiracy theory so discredited themselves in later years that Litwin came more and more to question the wares that they were peddling. Dick Gregory, for instance, was on the Rivera program in 1975, and became more and more bizarre in his speculations during the rest of his long life--a journey that Litwin carefully traces. Litwin constantly refers to the people he once admired as having subsequently gone off the rails.
Then, too, he alludes to the young people he sees now at the Sixth Floor Museum and how their lack of knowledge makes them prey to the conspiracists he now deplores.
I, too, expected more of a post-mortem of his now-dead belief in conspiracy. He does say that the facts have diminished belief in conspiracy and sees himself as an example, albeit spectacular, of that trend.

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