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11 June 2022


Pat Speer

I think Roe makes a good case for the bullet not being switched. I think the article is hampered, however, by its assertion as fact that "This bullet, after penetrating the president’s upper back and exiting his throat, traversed Texas Governor John Connally’s torso and wrist before lodging itself superficially in his left thigh. During the chaos at Parkland Hospital, the bullet fell out onto the stretcher cart being used to transport Connally to the operating room." As he well knows, there are many reasons to doubt this happened. While he may not doubt this happened, the article would be far more effective, IMO, if it stuck to the chain-of-custody issue, and did not present such speculation as fact.

Brian Doyle

Parnell [sic] and Roe forgot to mention that the Parkland Hospital personnel who found the bullet made clear it was a pointed-tip round and not the round-tipped copper-jacketed bullet seen in evidence.
Typical of Parnell [sic], he also forgets to mention that FBI agent Odum disavowed what was attributed to him in the report and told researchers he never handled the bullet.
While this is interesting it doesn't prove that the timing issue isn't evidence of a swapped-in bullet. Todd's initials are not proof that it wasn't swapped-in before that.

Antoni Wrega

Who believes Oliver Stone's fantasy movies? Well, hard-working people who simply do not have time to read such articles like this one by Steve Roe. This is it.


Just to clarify, although I agree with the article and see it as a fine piece of work, I am not a co-author.

W. Tracy Parnell

Lawrence P. Schnapf

Steve Roe occasionally comes up with good finds and I acknowledge them when he does. This article is a mixed bag. It does to bed the issue of Todd's initials but is flawed when it comes to the timeline. Steve presumes an innocent explanation without any evidence or corroborating testimony as to why Frazier said he received the bullet 80 minutes later.

This is yet another example of how Steve uses different levels of scrutiny when assessing evidence supporting the official theory as opposed to evidence supporting a conspiracy. He is eager to dismiss any inconsistencies with the official record as a harmless error but employs an exacting level of scrutiny for evidence supporting a conspiracy. This suggests a bias in his analysis and not a true pursuit of the truth. I wish he could view evidence through a lens that is not colored towards a particular view.

Steve Roe

In response to Lawrence Schnapf:

Thanks for acknowledging Elmer Todd's initials on CE399. I'm sure researcher John Hunt did his best to find them, but sadly he passed away before the NIST images were made available.

Regarding the timing issue you put forth, there is no issue. Per the article, Robert Frazier simply noted on his "Warren Commission Testimony Worksheet" the 7:30 PM notation. This is not, and let me repeat, this is not the time he received CE399 at the FBI Lab from Todd. This has been badly misinterpreted. As the article states, you can see Frazier, Killionm and Cunningham's initials on the envelope that had the staple marks that Johnsen's White House letter was attached to. Frazier simply used the 7:30 time off that letter. It's as simple as that. There was no sinister timing issue.
Your statement that "I should view evidence that is not colored towards a particular view" is ludicrous and unfounded. I point to your own participation in this Oliver Stone film. I could call that bias, as one-sided as the film was, but out of respect I will not put that label on you.
The bigger issue now is whether Oliver Stone will acknowledge this egregious error. I hope you would agree with me that Mr. Stone and Mr. DiEugenio should issue a correction or statement in this regard if they have any concern at all about the truth.

William OHalloran

While this settles the issue of the initials being on the bullet, it doesn't change the fact that the bullet did not and could not have struck JFK and Governor Connally.

Considering when experts at Edgewood Arsenal fired the same rifle and same bullets into goat ribs and human cadaver wrists, all of their test bullets emerged deformed:

Except those fired into cotton and gelatin, which don't count since they aren't as dense as human bone:

In an April 2021 interview, ballistics expert Daniel O'Kelly confirmed to me, "Can they [full metal jacketed bullets] still deform? Yes. What would cause that? A variation in the speed of the bullet. The faster it goes, the more resistance it's going to encounter when it hits a hard object. Obviously bone is harder than muscle."

Furthermore, Dr. Joseph Dolce, who supervised those tests for the Warren Commission, declared, "It's impossible . . . . Under no circumstances do I feel that this bullet could hit the wrist and still not be deformed. We proved that by experiments."

Ironically, Dolce wasn't called to testify to the Warren Commission, but his colleagues who disagreed (Dr. Alfred Oliver and Dr. Arthur Dziemian) were called to testify. But given Steve Roe's clear bias, he of course didn't acknowledge that.

George Watson

Is it possible that the Secret Service agents who were in Dallas looked at their watches, after they returned to DC and still being on Central Time, wrote down 7:30 PM (CST) instead of 8:30 PM (EST) ?

Those who worry about the chain of custody have to admit that no such chain can ever be perfect, as evidence can be manipulated even after " final custody " has taken place.

If someone wanted to plant a bullet in the hope that it would be recognized as the same bullet that injured JFK and JBC, they would have to know that no such bullet or large fragments of the original bullet remained in JFK or JBC or the limousine.

How could they be sure by 2:00 PM (CST) as Air Force One headed back to Washington, DC?

It seems to morally offend some people, to the very marrow of their bones, that Oswald could have killed JFK. But all of Oswald's action in the 24 hours before JFK dies,
point to him being the assassin and his actions in the 90 minutes after the assassination point to his guilt and willingness to murder, and so he murders Officer Tippit and tried to murder the arresting officers in the Dallas Theater.

To think there must have been some vast or very tight conspiracy to kill JFK and no one has ever come forth from among the conspirators--if not for dying fame, then to provide money for their elderly spouse, family, belies reality.

Watergate demonstrated that people at any level of a conspiracy will confess or just speak to the media, as time goes by.

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