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11 November 2022


Mel Ayton

Martin J. Kelly Jr.’s review of Michel Gagne’s book should be required reading for a new generation of Americans weaned on a false treatment of the events of November 1963 by JFK conspiracists.

If you read this book you will see that the problem with the JFK assassination debate is that the public has been largely misinformed. Many people formed opinions about this case in the 1960s and 1970s based on poor information, sensationalism and a mis-reading of official government documents. The published works that came forth at that time formed the basis of the JFK assassination industry and they are still churned out at an increasing rate. Additionally, conspiracists have grabbed the attention of the mainstream media for far too long—mainly because the media understands all too well how the public loves mystery, drama, and intrigue.

Gagne provides a less sensational treatment of the assassination but it is, nonetheless, factual and correct. Gagne also provides the reader with the correct scientific facts about the assassination and examines them in great detail with the result that every crackpot conspiracy theory is thoroughly routed. This book also provides the reader with rational answers to the anomalous pieces of evidence in the case which have been exaggerated beyond belief by bogus historians cashing in on the public’s desire for drama and intrigue. Readers of conspiracy literature should be aware that every murder case presents evidence that cannot be easily explained. This is one of the reasons why conspiracists appear to succeed with their falsehoods.

Most people today base their view of the assassination on the more sensationalist literature--and most of the published material is pro-conspiracy. Even today, they still double-down on their thesis that Oswald was innocent. If you add movies like Oliver Stone’s JFK to the debate, fact and fiction become a blur in what has become a multi-million-dollar industry.

Ever since Gagne’s book was published critics have piled on to condemn the author, most notably from the eminence grise of the conspiracy industry, James DiEugenio, who wants you to reject this book. Don’t be fooled. This is a work of analytical excellence. Most of Michel Gagne’s critics, like DiEugenio, are fanatical pro-conspiracy advocates who band together in forums and social media links spreading the message that every book like Gagne’s should be rejected.

Even today, DiEugenio still praises conspiracist Mark Lane, the original JFK conspiracy monger, even though Lane’s shenanigans and outright lies have been exposed time and time again. (See: ) And DiEugenio still promotes old canards about the assassination even though they were debunked long ago – See:


Michel Gagne’s book will tell you why you should arrive at the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy and he did it alone. The evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin is overwhelming and irrefutable. The only argument left that has not been answered to the satisfaction of history is the possible involvement of Cuba’s DGI in inciting Oswald to act on behalf of the assassin’s hero,Fidel Castro. No evidence exists that Oswald was aided by Castro’s agents but there is convincing evidence he was "inspired" by the numerous rumours circulating in New Orleans in 1963 that the US government was out to eliminate Castro, which were true.

Gagne’s book is a fine contribution to modern history and probably the finest on its subject to date with the exception of Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History. If those wishing to learn the truth about the JFK assassination and follow his step-by-step approach in understanding conspiracy claims, there may well be a time when a new generation of Americans will be able to once more take control of their own history.

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